Decking Cleaning Lancashire

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Decking Cleaning

Remember how lovely your timber decking looked when you first installed it?  Has it become a bit tired – maybe even dangerously slippery – over time, as algae, lichen and fungi have started to attack the surface?  Give us a call at Jet Wash Solutions today and we’ll bring it back to life.

Timber Garden Decking Treatment

Our friendly, professional team will make sure your timber garden decking – however large or small the area may be – is thoroughly cleaned off using our Karcher pressure washers.  We’ll get rid of any moss build-up and clear away the dust and grime that accumulates in the ridged surface so your decking not only looks great again, but provides a safe surface for your family to walk over without slipping.  And, of course, we’ll protect the surrounding areas from any splashing or run-off while we work.

Once your timber garden decking is restored to its former glory, we can treat it with a suitable wood preserver to extend its life and protect it from the re-growth of slippery green algae.

Get a Competitive Quote for Cleaning Your Decking Today

Call our Freephone number and one of our team will come to inspect your decking and let you know the type of treatment we recommend.  It doesn’t matter how far down the back garden you’ve built your decking – we have extra-long hoses and specialist equipment to make sure we can get the access we need with the minimal fuss and disturbance to you.  Get in touch with Jet Wash Solutions today and bring your decking back to life.