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Patio Cleaning Services

Your patio’s the place where you relax with friends and family for a couple of drinks and maybe a barbecue on a summer evening.  Or perhaps it’s the place where the kids can play safely, or where you display your gorgeous collection of outdoor pot plants.  Whatever your patio means to your family, give it the Jet Wash Solutions treatment every year or so to make sure it looks its best and lasts a long time.

Complete Patio Cleaning Service

Our complete patio cleaning service is designed to make sure that both your patio, and the surrounding garden areas, are left looking clean and tidy, with healthy plants and stain-free surfaces.  We’ll cover your delicate plants and flowerbeds with protective sheeting before we start, and make sure any run-off from the cleaning process is diverted well away from your soil.  We’ll move the pots and furniture – and spray clean them, too, if you wish.  We’ll get rid of the moss, algae, stains and weeds and leave you with a patio that’s ready for all your barbecues, parties, or quiet summer evenings enjoying the peace of your garden.

Block-Paving Cleaning Services

If your patio or driveway is block-paved, ask about our block paving service.  Our equipment is fitted with specially designed roller blades that deep clean the surface, which is then brushed over with dried kiln sand. This stops the dirt clinging and seals, stabilises and protects the surface, inhibiting the regrowth of weeds, moss and algae, so you won’t need to deep clean it so often.

Jet Wash the Barbecue

We’ll even jet wash the barbecue if it needs it – the powerful Karcher pressure washers we use can shift the most stubborn burnt-on grease and stains from your built-in or free-standing barbecue.  Ask us to include it in the quote for cleaning your patio and we’ll be happy to leave you with a garden you can be proud of again!  Call us now on our Freephone number – it will cost you nothing to get a no-obligation quote from Jet Wash Solutions, and you’ll be delighted with our competitive prices and first class results.