Patio Cleaning Services Morecambe

During the winter months our patio areas gather dirt, moss, algae and other unwanted grime leaving it looking dull and in most cases can be a dangerous place to venture when wet. The green layer of dirt can become very slippery when wet.

Whether it is a flagged, block paved, indian stone or anything else then we can get it cleaned looking fresh and revived. This can be catching apparently and when the sun does come out you will be confident of lighting up the bbq and inviting some guests round knowing your patio area is clean, safe and looking great.

Below are links to different patio cleaning jobs that we have undertaken in the Morecambe area. Take a little time out to see how we can help transform your patio and have it looking as good as new.

Patio Cleaning Job Morecambe 1

Patio Cleaning Job Morecambe 2